Prospective Experiment for Reinforcement Learning on Demand Response in a Social Game Framework. 2020. (with Lucas Spangher, Akash Gokul, Manan Khattar, Joseph Palakapilly, Akaash Tawade, Alex Devonport, and Costas Spanos) In Proceedings of the Eleventh ACM International Conference on Future Energy Systems.

Under Review

Apple causal inference project. (with Lauren Hannah) Accepted to CML4Impact 2022 workshop, to be submitted to npj Digital Medicine

Collusive and Adversarial Replication. Revise and resubmit at Research and Politics.

Working papers

Conditional Balance Tests: Increasing Sensitivity and Specificity With Prognostic Covariates (with Clara Bicalho and Thad Dunning)

Papers in progress

Studentized Two-Way Fixed Effects Estimators With Sub-Gaussian Rates.

Poisoning as Online Disinformation. (with Tak-Huen Chau)

Truthful LLMs.